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Niam meeting for the first time

I have seen GIFs of this before but I have never really seen this before:

The way Liam is just awkwardly just standing there when Niall is singing.

The way he goes and sits right behind Niall.

The way he starts to beatbox during the song C:

The way Niall turns around to look at Liam when he is singing 

The way Liam pats Niall’s back in the end…


i can’t

i just cant handle this

the way he sat behind him made me cry

they sang together for the first time

this was the first connection between any of the boys at all

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9 ridiculous at the same time cute pictures of Harry Styles 

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Be My Little Friend: Life of a Community fan (Revised Version):


When you see a promo for a new episode:

When there is a new episode:

The post episode depression you feel:

When it goes on mid-season hiatus:

Re-watching old episodes:

When people ask you if you watch Community:

When you meet someone who likes Community:


Josh on Jen gave him a concussion 

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